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Distinguished Faculty Seminar: Douglas Wiebe, "A Case-crossover Study of Adolescents’ Activities and Triggers of Gun Assault"

What would YOU do?: Involving students in campus sexual violence prevention through bystander intervention

Eval of Supervised Neck Strengthening Program in HS Athletics: A Potential Intervention to Concussion

How Multiple Male Peer Passengers Affect Male Adolescent Risky Driving

Promoting Safer Opioid Use: The Provider Perspective

Distinguished Faculty Seminar: Lisa A. Marsch, "Harnessing Digital Technologies in Behavioral Health: The State of the Science"

Lunchtime Seminar: Hope Hidden Beneath The Violence: Development of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Dating Aggression

Lunchtime Seminar: What I Did (for Injury Prevention) on My Summer Vacation

Lunchtime Seminar: Mieko Yoshihama and Rich Tolman, Intimate Partner Violence Intervention

Sport Concussion: Is There Evidence to Ban Football?

Lunchtime Seminar: Michelle Macy, Child Car Seat Safety

Lunchtime Seminar: Maria Muzik, Child Maltreatment

Lunchtime Seminar: What I Did (for Injury Prevention) on My Summer Vacation

Lunchtime Seminar: Lisa Prosser, "Economic Evaluation and Child Health Policy"

Webinar: Exploring the Impact of Suicide Prevention Research in the Workplace

Distinguished Faculty Seminar: Rob Foss "The Next Big Leap in Teen Driver Safety"

Lunchtime Seminar. Tinyshifts: Brief videos to promote mental health and reduce suicide risk

Injury Epidemiology and Child Passenger Safety

Charles Branas: Changing Place to Improve Health and Safety

Richard Catalano: Building Prevention Infrastructure to Reduce Delinquency, Violence and Substance Use: Communities that Care

Daniel W. Webster: Evidence-Based Approaches to Reduce Gun Violence in America

Using the Parametric Human Model to Predict Injuries for Different Vulnerable Populations

What I Did (for Injury Prevention) on My Summer Vacation

The Impact of Michigan's Text Messaging Restrictions on MVCs

2014 U-M Injury Center Research Symposium

Alcohol’s Role in Sexual Assault Perpetration: Theoretical Model and Research Findings

"Pilot Study Report: Pilot Evaluation of Risk Factors for Adverse Interactions between Drivers and Bicyclists”

Youth Violence Prevention Research and Practice: Thoughts for the Next Generation, Dr. Howard Spivak

"A School-based Program for Injury Prevention"

Road Safety in Australia: Successes, challenges for the future and possibilities for the USA

"Pilot Study Report: Will Advanced In-vehicle Crash Warning Systems Improve Young Driver Safety? An Evaluation from Naturalistic Driving Data”

What I Did (for Injury Prevention) on My Summer Vacation

Injury Conference "Preventing Injury: From Research to Practice to People"

"Yours and Mine: Adolescents' Misuse of Controlled Medications," Carol Boyd

"Preventing Aggression and Violence through Empathy-building Text Messages" Sara Konrath

Infant Traumatic Responses to Intimate Partner Violence

Preventing Alcohol-related Injury: A Surfeit of Solutions

Using Geo-spatial Data in Your Research